[Video] Interview at Digital Marketing Live: Why Content is the future, businesses need to become more story-centric and seeing content as a strategic business asset

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed at digital marketing live in Amsterdam. On the menu: companies need to become more interesting, what it means (there are many ways to be interesting!) and handling content as a strategic business asset.

Thank you to my friend an colleague Peter Van Dijk for recommending me to the event organizers.

The interview is very short and it’s difficult to fit all these topics in a few minutes, but I hope you’re going to find it interesting šŸ™‚

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  • Steffen Moll

    26 Mai, 2016

    Love the gold fish analogy

    • MaĆ«l Roth

      27 Mai, 2016

      Actually I hate that staistic because it kinda says that we’re more stupid than a fish but actually it’s quite the contrary

  • Steffen Moll

    27 Mai, 2016

    It is the sad but true analogy for the hyper attention society. And by consuming information in that speed, people will also be able to only achieve the results that gold fish do. But we as marketers have to take this reality into consideration.

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