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In a podcast with Ann Zachwieja from I talked about specific aspects around international marketing, content strategy and content marketing, especially with regards to the German market.


Master’s Thesis | Masterarbeit

Acknowledging the experience factor for music festivals with an attempt of a new visitor typology: Fans, conditional adventurers and adventurers.

The development of the music industry in the first decade of the 20th century indicates a value shift inside the music business, away from the physical goods-based business models; towards those who grant digital access to music at a low price and those who are able to deliver outstanding experiences.

Live music is not a promotional tool for artists anymore, rather a primary source of income.

Building on the recent evolution of the music industry and more and more experience-hungry consumers, the present thesis explores the existence of a new festival visitor typology, distinguishing between content-motivated, experience-seeking and a “hybrid” type, which is sensitive to both content and experience design.

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