I believe that helping and inspiring people is the key to living a fulfulling life.

I want to help other people (and groups of people, i.e. organizations) to be useful to others and reach their goals so that they, in turn, feel like they live a more fulfulling life, either because they stop worrying, find an answer or are inspired to do something.

One way this usefulness materializes is via „content“ that helps both the group of people reach their goals (organizations) and those on the „receiving“ end of „content“.

I am half French, half German and I have a passion for „content“, meaning: content marketing, inbound marketing, content strategy & content operations.


I have an international background and graduated from a French business school  (ESC Rennes School of Business) with an MSc. in international marketing.

After a short period in the event & music business I discovered: „content marketing“ back when it wasn’t really a thing. I thought: „wow this is really what marketing should be about!“ and became a content-nerd.

„Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.“

P. Kotler

» My skills include

  • Bilingual French / German (native), fluent in English.
  • My Spanish, Italian and Mandarin could be better.
  • Marketing-nerd.
  • Holistic approach to content operations with experience and knwoledge in operational areas.
  • Running (including after different balls on a pitch).

» My skills definitely do NOT include

  • The other 6,497 languages.
  • Stop thinking about marketing for more than 48 hours.
  • Eating with chopsticks.
  • Dancing.
  • Being passionate only between nine-to-five


Mael Roth, Content Marketing StrategistIf you’re interested in my Master’s thesis (on the music industry) or other downloads, you can check out this page.

Please feel free to check out the page on which I listed articles I’ve written elsewhere: Mael Roth as an author.

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