Maël Roth

  • My goal: Changing the way marketing is done.
  • Progression: Gimme a little while, working on it.
  • Reason why? Every business has something unique which can translate into value for customers beyond products and services. I want to find out what it is and how they can translate it into strategic marketing communications. I like to make companies interesting.

I’ve written Bios over and over again. Enough of that. Admit it, you wouldn’t read it anyway.

Infographics are much cooler. Let’s just do it with an infographic.

Mael Roth BioIn case you want to read why I am so passionate about Inbound & Content Marketing, you’ll read it in THIS ARTICLE. Or in German HERE.

If you’re interested in my Master’s thesis (on the music industry) or other downloads, you can check out this page. Please feel free to check out the page on which I listed articles I’ve written elsewhere: Mael Roth as an author.

My skills include

  • Bilingual French / German. I think my English is acceptable too. However my Spanish, Italian and Mandarin could be better.
  • Marketing-nerd. (that’s a good thing, right?)
  • Running (including after different balls on a pitch).
  • Pulling acceptable sounds out of a piano or a guitar.

My skills definitly do NOT include

  • The other 6,497 languages.
  • Stop thinking about marketing for more than 48 hours.
  • Eating with chopsticks.
  • Attending a conference without live-tweeting.
  • Dancing.
  • Being passionate only between nine-to-five

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Mael Roth
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Mael Roth
Mael Roth
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