Mael Roth beim Online Marketing Tag in Wiesbaden

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The following references are a non exhaustive list of companies I had the chance to work with on various projects through present & previous employers (which you can see here)  ranging from:

  • introductory content marketing and strategy workshops
  • Consulting on content (marketing) strategy
  • content marketing tool consulting i.e. structuring, editorial processes, etc. (scompler / Scribblelive Plan)
  • to channel plans / content plans e.g. for blogs or social media channels.

The businesses listed below all gave their approval to be listed as a reference. This list does not reference any speeches at events or publications (which you can check out here).

I do not work as a freelancer or separate entity on projects.

Some companies I've had the honor to work with

  • VHV Versicherungen
  • Comet Group AG
  • siroop
  • Novasep
  • Suva
  • wiseed