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Maël Roth

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  • Why I chose this path?

  • I believe that helping and inspiring people is the key to living a fulfulling life. I want to help other people (and groups of people, i.e. organizations) to be useful to others and themselves (to reach their goals) and find that sweet spot.
  • My Background

  • I am half French, half German and developed a passion for user centric communication and the concept of customer experience as soon as I graduated with my MSc. in international marketing (2012).
  • Experience

  • I have been fortunate enough to gather a lot of experience quickly by working for both start ups and agencies to help clients on strategic and operational levels. (more details below)


Mael Roth, Content Marketing Strategist

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Frankenstein’s Monster war auch „data-driven“

Bei aller Begeisterung für "Datengetrieben": wenn man dieses Thema nicht richtig einordnet, kann es schnell skurril werden. Dieser ganze Hype um "data driven" muss dringend nuancie

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Marcus Bilgeri: „Content marketing often fails because of the lack of strategic depth“

In my interview with Marcus Bilgeri, content marketing strategist and managing director at innogy.C3 GmbH (joint venture of C3 and the RWE subsidiary innogy), we explore why conten

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