About me…

I believe that helping and inspiring people is the key to living a fulfulling life.

I want to help other people (and groups of people, i.e. organizations) to be useful to others and themselves (i.e. to reach their goals) and find that sweet spot.

My Background

I am half French, half German and lived most of my life in France, where I finally graduated with an MSc. in international Marketing back in 2012. Already fascinated by all things related to music, customer experience and authentic and fun marketing communications, I quickly stumbled upon the concepts of “inbound marketing” and “content marketing”.

I instantly thought: “yes, this is how it should be done!”

Earn attention by being interesting and inspiring instead of buying space where you annoy people with messages they don’t want. Be that inspiring and helpful that you get people to say “I want more of this!”

In the past few years I have been fortunate enough to gather a lot of experience quickly by working for and with both start ups, agencies and bigger enterprise sized clients to help on strategic and operational levels.