Different content formats are being perceived differently by our brains. This infographic from Main Path Marketing shows how our brains processes different types so that you can better understand their effect and align it with your communication goals. 

Generally speaking I am not a big fan of posting infographics on my blog as it’s often used as „one quick & dirty“ solution to publishing a new post and driving traffic. Honestly this often adds little if no value for the reader… However I am going to make an exception as I found a neat Infographic on Contently’s blog which I find quite interesting.

When making a plan for content marketing you have to think about how you are going to „stage“ the message, how you are going to package it in formats. Unfortunately this Infographic focuses only on the most common online formats in a certain framework. But I find it quite interesting nonetheless.

The web is littered with advice on which formats you should use, most of those being non differentiated, often biased views on the topic. My opinion is: it’s stupid to make sweeping statements when it comes to communication.

Getting the right amount of information to fully understand context is key. There is no „perfect checklist“ for doing „content marketing“ (or „inbound marketing“). But gathering information on different tools helps making the right decision :-)

This infographic may help you in understanding different formats better and the way you can use them to achieve the desired effect. So without further comments:

How our brain processes different content formats

How Our Brain Processes Different Kinds of Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Original source: Main Path Marketing